The Battle of the LMS – Design #4/6

logo of the Battle of the LMS - fire and smoke

The Heat is on!

…or to be more specific, the 1st heat of the Battle of the LMSs.

Vote now to help establish which is the ‘most ultimate’ LMS design.

We have created a shortlist of the ‘best of the best’ and call upon our professional community to pass judgement and help determine which LMS design is the most ‘ultimate’.

After viewing each video, please enter your 5 ratings to determine the ‘most ultimate’ design.

LMS Design Finalist #4

To rate LMS Design Finalist #4 go to:

Voting/rating closes 6 pm Monday 5 December 2022 – after which the total results will be shown.

Once you’ve indicated your rating, please select another from the randomised main page: