Sharing our Stories

Meet our edvisors

Who we are, what we do and how we got there!

Join us on Thursday 27th September 12 noon AEST

Webinar Room:

TELedvisors work in a wide range of roles to support technology enhanced learning and teaching but until quite recently there have been no qualifications or courses that lead people directly to this job. Sharing our stories and our diverse pathways into edvisoring (yes, it’s a word – or it should be) is an important part of understanding and demonstrating the wide array of skills, knowledge and experience that we contribute to our workplaces. Join us as six edvisors share their stories.

Hyacinth Steele – QUT
Michael Sankey – Griffith
Lindsay Rattray – Navitas
Marlene Daicopoulos – Murdoch
Jenny James – Griffith
Tom Worthington – ANU / Consultant

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