Webinar: The AI (ChatGPT) Future – What do we do now? (Thurs 2/2 12 noon AEDT)

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The rapid growth of generative AI tools including ChatGPT (text), MidJourney (images) and GitHub Pilot (computer code) in the last year has enormous implications for education. Having easily accessible technologies that can generate passably human content may require a complete rethinking of learning and assessment – for good and bad.

Join our panel of experts and enthusiasts in the field in what is likely to be a lively discussion as we explore some immediate practical responses for educators, leaders, learning designers, academic developers, education technologists and more.

This webinar is a collaboration between the ASCILITE TELedvisors Network and the Centre for Change and Complexity in Learning (C3L) at UniSA, with support from Monash University

Hosted by Associate Professor Tim Fawns, Monash Education Academy, Monash University

Tim Fawns researches digital, clinical and higher education. He works within the Monash Education Academy supporting faculty development across Monash University.

Aneesha Bakharia
Manager Learning Analytics and Learning Technologies, ITaLI, Uni of Queensland

Aneesha has a Bachelor’s in Microelectronic Engineering (Griffith University) and a Master’s in Digital Design (Griffith University). In 2010, she became interested in machine learning and as a result completed a PhD in automated content analysis. Aneesha has also written nine books on programming and web development. Aneesha’s primary responsibilities at ITaLI include directing the design, development and implementation of learning analytics initiatives (including the Course Insights teacher facing dashboard) at UQ.

Trish McCluskey
Associate Professor and Director, Digital Learning, Deakin University

Trish McCluskey is an Associate Professor and Director of Digital Learning at Deakin University in Melbourne. She has dedicated her career to providing accessible, engaging and flexible tertiary education to students from all backgrounds. Trish’s efforts have been widely recognised on a national and global scale, including the introduction of the award winning VU Block Model – a revolutionary university curriculum framework which challenged traditional models within Australia. Twitter @Trilia

Anna Mills
Writing teacher, College of Marin

Anna Mills teaches writing at College of Marin and previously taught at City College of San Francisco for 17 years. Her collection “AI Text Generators and Teaching Writing: Starting Points for Inquiry” is featured in the Writing Across the Curriculum Clearinghouse at https://bit.ly/AIwritingEDU. She has also written an Open Educational Resource (OER) textbook, How Arguments Work: A Guide to Writing and Analyzing Texts in College (http://howargumentswork.org), which has been widely praised and used at over 45 colleges.

George Siemens
Professor and Director: C3L UniSA Education Futures

Prof George Siemens researches human and artificial cognition and the impact of advanced technologies, like AI, on existing university systems

Colin Simpson
Education Technologist, Monash University; TELedvisors Network convenor

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Due to higher than expected registrations, we also plan to livestream this webinar to our YouTube channel. Stay tuned for updates on this (once we work out how to do it 🙂

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