August 2022 reading activity

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Welcome, everyone, to our reading for August, which this month has been chosen by long-term TELedvisor Sarah Thorneycroft, Program Director of Digital Education at the University of New England, This month we’re reading an article about behavioural change, with an eye on its role as a catalyst for edvisor impact.

The TELedvisors SIG reading activity is intended to be a monthly ‘slow chat’ where you can engage with your peers and discuss a current topic related to educational technology. Each reading is openly accessible and not too long, on a topic to support our ASCILITE SIG community.

This month: ‘Driving behavioural change’

This month, we’re looking at people and behavioural change as a catalyst for edvisor impact. Having impact in our organisations can be a challenge for people working in edvisor roles, for a range of often people-y reasons. Cultivating the ability to influence people and effect behavioural change is potentially a powerful way to increase our impact. This month’s article uses behavioural economics to explore people-first approaches to change, and offers some valuable insights into doing the ‘hard’ people work.

The article we are reading and annotating this month is

Deloitte Consulting LLP. (2018, April 5). The human side of tech: Driving behavioral change. Wall Street Journal.

Facilitator:  Sarah Thorneycroft (@sthcrft)

Reading time: 5 minutes

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What does “it’s people that are hard” look like in the university context?

What behavioural shifts would have the greatest impact on teaching and learning in your organisation?  

Looking at the behavioural design process and the behavioural influences in the last two sections of the article, what’s one action you could design right now to have impact in your organisation?

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