The TELedvisor Community


We are a community of TEL Edvisor professionals supporting each other. Together we explore, develop, refine, apply and share technology based education theory and practice in order to enhancing academic teaching practices for improved student learning experiences.

It is our intention to put the “practice” back into Community of Practice by supporting and encouraging active participation in this group. The TELedvisors network operates as a Special Interest Group (SIG) of ASCILITE.


  • Identify national and international issues, aspects or topics relating to the provision of support and advice about TEL
  • Exploration and the development of new knowledge and practices.
  • Provide advice and guidance to the Tertiary Education teaching and learning community on how to more effectively engage with and benefit from the TEL edvisor community.
  • Support the development of initiatives and practices, such as smaller projects within the SIG and/or research/collaborative writing groups, to understand the place of and to advocate for TEL edvisors in the Tertiary Education sector.
  • Foster collaboration nationally and internationally within the TEL edvisor community to enhance partnerships in the pursuit of advancing Tertiary Education.


This is the voice of the TEL Edvisor community.  If you are part of the wider academic or the TEL communities you will find posts

  • Discover learnings from practitioners  – problems and barriers were overcome or how you attempted to overcome them
  • What is involved in being a TEL Edvisor (the emerging role)
  • What is happening in TEL in different institutions?
  • Insights from recent TEL literature
  • How TEL projects are imagined and implemented

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We’re all online as well as at many universities around Australia:


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You don’t need to be an ASCILITE member to join the group but basic information (name, email, ASCILITE member status) is shared with ASCILITE.

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