June 2022 reading activity

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Welcome everyone to our reading for June.

The TELedvisors SIG reading activity is intended to be a monthly ‘slow chat’ where you can engage with your peers and discuss a current topic related to educational technology. Each reading is intended to be not too long, be openly accessible and to support the ASCILITE SIG community.

Our facilitators this month are:

  • Keith Heggart
  • Wendy Taleo
  • David Yeats

This month’s reading: ‘Exploring UDL’

This month, we’re going to focus on looking at Universal Design for Learning (UDL), as that’s a hot topic in higher education at the moment. It’s not new, especially to those of us who’ve worked in school education – but I’ve never seen it gain traction as much as I think it should!

This article by David Yeats (who might be joining us in the reading group) discusses the reasons for this – and more!

Exploring UDL – designing with everyone in mind (UTS LX blog, 18 May 2022)

Yeats, 2022

You can access the article in two ways:

  1. Link to add your annotations via hypothes.is : https://via.hypothes.is/https://lx.uts.edu.au/blog/2022/05/18/exploring-udl-design-with-everyone-in-mind/
  2. Direct link to the blog post: https://lx.uts.edu.au/blog/2022/05/18/exploring-udl-design-with-everyone-in-mind/


  1. What are your experiences with UDL in your workplace?
  2. Do you think there are challenges preventing UDL from becoming more widespread in education going forward?
  3. Can you share an example of UDL that you’ve seen that was effective (or ineffective)?

In the interests of building our community as a reading group, why not share your responses:

  • Annotate together. Sign up for hypothes.is and then use the link above.
  • Go social: Twitter mostly but hey, you might have your own blog, be it in Mastodon, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok or the next place!
  • Tags: #TELedvisors #JuneChat

Bonus reading

Lister, K., & McFarlane, R. (2021). Designing for Wellbeing: An Inclusive Learning Design Approach with Student Mental Health Vignettes. Open Praxis, 13(2), pp. 184–200. DOI: https://doi.org/10.5944/ openpraxis.13.2.126

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